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Simulator to test model trains

CATrain is a fully customizable digital railway that allows PC users to test out model trains.

If you're a model train enthusiast who's looking for a way to test out different train models on your computer, look no further. Similar to simulators like ArcRail Train Simulation and Rail Simulator, CATrain lets you create a railway track on which to drive a model train.

Design your tracks

CATrain is much more than a rail simulator though. The program also lets you sketch out your railway from the ground up. CATrain has a layout design option that lets you create rail switches, signals, detectors, overpasses, bridges and tunnels, among other things. You can also adapt your track length based on the size of your train.

Unfortunately, CATrain's graphics are pretty poor and don't stand up to a lot of its competitors. In terms of customization though, it's a pretty nifty program. Ultimately whether you like CATrain or not comes down to whether you can accept that the graphics simply aren't up to par. If you're looking for a lot of railway customization options though, CATrain's a good pick.

What CATrain lacks in impressive graphics it makes up for in the customization options available in railway layout creation.


  • Great customization options
  • Add signals, overpasses, bridges and more
  • Change the length of your track based on the size of your train


  • Unimpressive graphics

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CATrain 2.2.4 for PC

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    CATrain is not just a simulator, but a full featured model train controller.
    In my opinion, compare CATrain with "Train More

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